VAT rules private customers per 1 July 2021


New European legislation VAT rules per 1 July 2021 for private customers.

As of 1 July 2021, the European VAT legislation for deliveries to private customers will change.

As a result, deliveries made by Kaffee Holland abroad will be taxed at the local VAT rate. So if you buy coffee, soft drinks or other products, you will pay us the cost of the product (without VAT) plus the VAT applicable in your own country. Until now, you paid the Dutch VAT (21%, or 9% VAT for coffee, food and other products).

These changes are imposed on us by the EU and apply to all webshops in Europe with a foreign turnover above 10,000 euros. Whether this legislation is beneficial for your wallet depends on the VAT rate in your country. We will adjust our webshop to these changes from 1 July. Until 1 July your private purchases will be taxed at the Dutch VAT rate of 9 or 21%.

For business transactions abroad nothing changes. If you provide us with your local valid VAT number we will send your order without VAT.

For orders within the Netherlands, there are of course no changes either.