Arabica and Robusta beans


Arabica beans and robusta beans are two different types of coffee that are commercially grown for consumption as coffee. The general differences are those of taste, the conditions under which the two species grow and economic differences.

Arabica coffee beans have a slightly larger / elliptical shape than the smaller, more rounded robusta beans. There are also structural differences between the beans, which may explain why both beans Arabica_Robustaroast differently under identical conditions.

Arabica coffee beans are considerably higher in price and are therefore used for most premium coffee bean blends, while robusta coffee beans are typically found in instant coffee used as fillers in blends (a 70:30 blend consists of 70 percent arabica coffee beans and 30 percent robusta coffee beans) .

The Arabica coffee beans have a distinctive taste in various varieties. They have a wonderfully refined fragrance, a mild and softer taste. The acidity is also higher in the Arabica bean. What is right in the case of coffee.

The Robusta coffee beans are very powerful and full of flavor, and also give a better crema. The beans have a bitter taste and because of that they are only used in a blend and not as a single origin. The Robusta beans also have a much higher caffeine content than the Arabica. This can amount to up to 2.5%, about 70% more cafinea than that contains a Arabic bean.

As with wine, a combination of coffee beans from different plantations is often made. This can be to enrich the taste with the special characteristics or just to make the quality of the coffee more stable, because the taste comes from different beans (varieties / plantations).

This way the Robusta bean is also added to the Arabica. Where the Arabica bean is refined and complex, the Robusta adds the sharp and bitter taste. The higher caffeine content is also determined by the Robusta / Arabica ratio. By making beautiful blends of the coffee bean varieties and plantations, the aim is to produce a well-balanced taste.


  = Robusta cultivation

m = Robusta and Arabica cultivation

a   = Arabica cultivation