Increase of coffee prices 2022

Why is the price of coffee rising?

The main reasons for the price correction of our coffee products:


Weather conditions in Brazil

The extreme weather conditions in Brazil have a huge impact on the growth and development of the coffee plant. This year Brazil has endured both a period of frost and extreme drought. As a result, the blossom of the coffee bush does not develop well and fewer coffee berries grow. The result is a lower harvest and less availability of Arabica coffee on the world market. As Brazil is the largest coffee-producing country in the world, a lower harvest pushes up prices.

Transport costs

It is hard to miss, because it is all over the news. The shortage of sea containers and ships has consequences for transport costs. These have increased tenfold! And coffee is now mainly transported by sea freight to Europe.

Raw materials

Besides the higher price of coffee beans, the prices of gas, oil and packaging materials are also rising. These raw materials are part of the production and delivery of your favourite coffee.

It is difficult to say whether these higher prices will last long, or even be structural. Much depends on future harvests.